A new wallpaper: Wonderland →

I just had to try some things with the new Photoshop CS6 beta and I like messing with Torbens pictures and the result turned out to be an interesting picture. Head to his blog to get it there.

Photoshop Actions to fix the banding of Photoshop's gradients →

So @trojankitten found a good solution to an old Photoshop problem and Jeff Broderick wrapped it into an simple action.


Also: great domain. Reminds me of another NoMore thing* I made, which is of course completely unrelated.

The Elements of Typographic Style →

I wish to see this book become the Typographers' Bible. — Hermann Zapf

For me this book is a masterpiece on typography and one of the few I'm really happy to own as a printed edition. If you're a least a tiny bit interested in typography this should be on your shelf already.

In case you're wondering: I was talking quite a lot about typography in the last weeks so I simply had to put this somewhere.

Paper for iPad →

Although it costs some money in the end - about 6€ for all the different styles - Paper is by far the best sketching application on the iPad.

It's UI is excellent and it just works great.

It helps to have a stylus and I'm quite happy with my Cosmonaut by Studio Neat that arrived earlier this week. In fact, I prefer it over the Wacom Bamboo they suggest.

Now on Kirby

My blog became very silent over time. The most obvious reason is my job at anfema. Since our company website really needs an update, I started testing some new CMS and found Kirby.

I can you, this thing is amazing. Super fast and super easy. In fact, this website is now running on it, too. It took me less than three hours to set this thing up, including some rough design.

This is only a beginning, so please be kind. I'll add missing pieces (like post dates and stuff) when I have time to.

So long.

Matt Gemmel on Open Source Code →

A great article on releasing code to the public.

Brent Simmons adds:

I want to add: Do it. Release your code, let it fly. It will come back and show you new tricks.

Happy Holidays

I wish all of you a merry merry Christmas and happy holidays. Visit your family or friends, I'll do the same.

So long.

Busy days

It's been far to long since my last update, but there are several things which keep me really busy.

My work at Anfema GmbH is still a lot of fun, but the projects are big and will take some time to be released to the public. There are many new things for me and buying a new suit and ties was one of the easiest and I still have to get used to wearing them.

On the other side I'm still trying to study at UoAS Augsburg. I'll also hold four workshops this semester, so you might actually find something new here pretty soon.

So long.

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

He was a role model for me and many people I know and his ideas shaped the roots for my current area of expertise and helped creating the tools I use every single day.

I'm not good at this so I'll leave it here with a quote from Bill Gates.

The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come. For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it's been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely.

You might also check WIRED and interestingly The Onion and you should listen to the speech Jobs gave in 2005 at Stanford University

Update: You should read the touching eulogy by Mona Simpson about her brother.

So long.

Enable Lion's AirDrop over LAN and on unsupported Macs →

Great hint from OS X Daily. Just put this into your Terminal and AirDrop starts working on LAN and all Macs with Mac OS 10.7

defaults write com.apple.NetworkBrowser BrowseAllInterfaces 1