WWDC 2012 - Day 3

Random sessions & the beginnings of our new app.

We spent half of the day at Moscone, listening to interesting sessions on many new features in iOS 6 and how to use them for our upcoming projects. Again, most of the information is confidential, but it's quite easy to sum everything up in the following way: Apple makes it even easier to create great things than it was already.

Because some of the features just blew us away, we were pretty pumped and started fooling around with some code for the first application that will be released by anfema under our own name. I can't say anything more about it, but it will be a useful little app for developers who have an iPad and use agile development processes (or at least try to). It's a great little side project so far.

Note: we changed our mind since Wednesday, so instead of using features only available in iOS 6, we try to make it work on iOS 5, too. So the app will be available earlier.

So long.