WWDC 2012 - The end

Today, the WWDC 2012 came to an end. After the last sessions, we finally took our time to attend the lunch talk. For this last one, Apple invited famous director and screenwriter J. J. Abrams to talk about his company Bad Robot and his story.

It was a really inspiring talk which can be summed up like this: Do bold moves & do things that give you a good feeling.

Of course his words were a bit better, but I'm not good at remembering exact quotes. However I was really impressed by the fact, that he seemed like a pretty cool guy, much more down to earth than one would expect from a famous director.

Overall, this was a great ending for a week packed with amazing new things. I really want to thank my boss, Markus Reimer for making this trip possible.

Now it's time for another three weeks in San Francisco and an awesome vacation. I can't wait for Monday when my girlfriend will finally arrive here, too.

So long.