First Vacation Days

On Monday my girlfriend and my best friend finally joined us in our apartment. Now we are six people in our appartment and it's still very comfortable.

Yesterday we went to the farmers market at the ferry building and made our way to the infamous tourist place known as Pier 39. After a few sea lions, the Golden Gate bridge in the fog and a quick peak at Alcatraz we turned back to the city, got new cards for our phones (at&t turned out to be a way better choice than T-Mobile) and went home, where Daniel was waiting.

He took my girlfriend to the airport to rent a car (there was a chance that she would get cheaper rates with her business card which didn’t work out). They got an freakingly awesome Ford Mustang!

Today went to the Westfield-Mall (or Nordstrom? It's the same building.) and after a few ours of browsing I got myself a new sweater from Hollisters.

Back home, we prepared a BBQ, but since the other guys came home quite late and it already started to get colder again, we stayed inside. Kudos to Dominik for the perfect steaks!

So long.